LQD Pénzügyi és Gazdasági Szakértő Kft. | Felszámolás, végelszámolás


Our company has been founded for more than 20 years and it does liquidations, winding ups, property supervisor and wealth settlement proceedings. Our company has been registered in the Register of Liquidators and it is a member of the Hungarian Association of Insolvency Practitioners and Asset Controlers.

In order to have quality work we have built an independent internal control system and obtained an ISO qualification.

According to the XLIX. Act of liquidation and bankruptcy proceeding of 1991 § 63/B. (1) if any creditors has any information about the property or other wealth of the indebted companies listed at the liquidation proceedings (including the claims and property rights) please inform the appointed liquidator in 15 days consenting to the normal course of proceeding.

If the property of the indebted companies are not enough to cover the liquidation cost, or the liquidation proceeding is technically not possible by the general rules because of the lack of registers and books, the liquidator will start a simplified liquidation proceeding as the Act of bankruptcy § 63/B.

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